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The Galaxy functions like a huge eye ball, there is a black whole at the center of everyones eye ball. The color black attracts sun light, See we see everything seperate because we are on a


3rd dimensional 3rd density vibration. But its actually not seperate at all, the only reason your seeing the walls, tv’s, people and things around you is because they are made of light and the light is traveling off them through your eye lense. As you expand your awarness and raise your frequency and vibration you begin to see things more energetically and on a higher bandwith you begin to see the oneness and how everything is connected and resembles eachother.


See there is other kinds of light spectrums us humans call invisible light because we cannot see it like x ray, infered, ultra violet, gamma ray, RadioWaves, and night vision so just because we dont see it does not mean its not there. bees can see the ultra violet spectrum mosquitos can see the infered spectrum, cats have night vision, dolphins see sonar like x ray vision. humans have been on a lower bandwith and a lower vibratory frequency for a long time now we can only see the basic rainbow light spectrum. its kind of like humans only have

basic cable but theres a huge infinite spectrum of channels all around us that humans have been deprogrammed from seeing. Thats part of what the fall was about the anu/annunakai/Nephlim/naga/fallen angels what ever your culture calls them. They violated us and commited a sin on us were they tricked and took advantage of us and genetically modified our dna to trap us in the physical 3rd dimensional 3rd density reality so we could mine gold for them. Than on top of that they wiped our memory and than guilt tripped and emotionally and psycologically manipulated us into thinking we were the ones who fell from heaven that we are the sinners and something is wrong with us and we are guilty. When we came here as a innocent spirit in the womb as a innocent baby who did nothing wrong all we ever wanted was to be free from the trap and the contract we were tricked into. All we ever wanted was to be accepted for who we are and for our own unique individual view, perception, voice and creativity. But they proggramed us to think if our perception is not they’re perception than its not cool or its incorrect or the wrong way of doing it. So before we could even learn to speak up or fully express our own unique creativity they brain washed and forced theyre perception ideas and agendas on us before we could even decide for our self what we wanted to do or who we wanted to be before we could decide for ourselves what fun, cool, happiness, love, and success is. Now is a time for restoration so i encourage and invite you to out loud invite your self to come up that inner child to come up and out from under anywere your ideas, voice, creativity, or perception was shut down or suppresed i just speak and invite you to come up right now!!! and be free!!!!!! you are amazing, your heart is amazing, your ideas and perceptions are amazing, your so called weirdness wich is really just uniqness is amazing, i love you guys so much have a blessed and free day freedom is in the air can you smell it because i can litterally taste it lol.

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