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Knowing Who You Are and Connecting:


Connection thoughts are about gaining insight into who you are and how to make meaningful connections without feeling like you have to offer something back. Instead, make them provide to connect with you and the truth. It’s not about money – it’s about the network and connection. Respect is the key, and you should always honor and respect all. Have faith that the link to your intuition and the universe will guide you in the right direction.

Examples and Stories

Here are some examples and stories of how to make meaningful connections without feeling obliged to offer something back:

  • Mary strongly believed that if she connected to the source, she would never have to worry. She welcomed everyone into her life, even in fear, and had faith that her intuition and the universe would guide her.
  • John was always respectful and honored everyone he met. He believed that by helping others, he was helping himself too.
  • Jack realized it was not about money but the network and connection. So he was able to solve for connection and made people offer to connect with him and the truth.

Connect to the Source

Connecting to the source is the key to getting in the flow and never worrying. So connect up and connect down, welcome all, even in fear, and have faith that the connection to intuition and the universe will steer you in the right direction. Here are some tips to help you get connected to the source:

  • Take time to meditate and clear your head of all the noise.
  • Listen to your inner voice and be aware of the signals coming from the universe.
  • Spend time in nature and connect to the energy of the natural world.

Respect is of Utmost Importance

Where there’s disrespect, there’s a disconnect. Respect is of utmost importance, and honor and respects all. People need to know they are giving to you and helping others. Here are some ways to cultivate respect and integrity:

  • Speak kindly and with purpose.
  • Show appreciation for the efforts of others.
  • Listen to the opinions of those around you with an open mind.

Wealth and Health are About Network and Connection

Wealth and health are not about money but about networks and connections. So solve for connection and make people offer to connect with you and the truth. Here are some ideas to help you build wealth and health through connections:

  • First, reach out to people in your network and build relationships.
  • Join groups and organizations to connect with people who share your interests.
  • Attend events and seminars to expand your network and learn new skills.

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