How to Make Deals with Your Inner Circle


Bartering is not just about getting what you want but finding a mutually satisfying benefit for both parties. Making successful barters within your inner circle can be even more challenging, but with the right approach, you can make deals that’ll leave you both feeling great. This blog post will look at five steps to create successful barters with your inner circle.

Establish Effortless Communication

The first step to successful bartering is to get on the same page with your inner circle’s communication styles and frequencies. Then, set clear expectations for how and when you’ll communicate throughout the bartering process. Examples include email correspondence, agreeing on a frequency of communication, and developing a deadline for the deal and deliverables.

Assess the Costs and Benefits with a Positive Outlook

The second step is to define the costs relating to divesting versus investing in opportunities and clarify the objectives, directives, activities, and deliverables. Finally, consider the potential benefits of the swap and weigh them against the cost of it. For example, when bartering with your best friend for a vacation, consider the cost of the trip against the memories you’ll make.

Consider the Risks with an Optimistic Attitude

The third step is to take a good hard look at the potential risks involved. Make sure to consider any assumptions and risks and devise a plan to address them. Examples of this could include changes in projects or delays in the delivery of goods.

Discuss the Nitty-Gritty with a Positive Mindset

The fourth step is to discuss when and how to catch up and ensure both parties are on the same page about when and how to close and recap. Examples include scheduling regular check-ins or setting deadlines for the deal and deliverables.

Seal the Deal with a Smile

The fifth and final step is to agree on the terms and ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Examples could include signing a contract, shaking hands, or exchanging personal items.


By following these five steps, you’ll be well on your way to making deals with your inner circle that’ll leave you both in a state of bliss. Remember, effortless communication, a positive outlook on costs and benefits, an optimistic attitude towards risks, discussing the nitty-gritty with a positive mindset, and sealing the deal with a smile are crucial to making successful barters. So, give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

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