The Etheric Double

The Etheric Double: Man and his etheric centers Introduction The etheric double is a concept of Eastern spiritual science which refers to the non-material part of a human being that exists in the etheric plane. It is believed to be connected to the physical body via the etheric centers and is vital to our physical … Continue reading The Etheric Double

The Seven Hermetic Principles

Seven Hermetic Principles Introduction The seven Hermetic Principles - Mentality, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Gender, Rhythm, and Effect - illustrate the mysterious interconnectedness of all things in the Universe and the incredible power that lies within us. This ancient Egyptian concept has been around since dawn and is still relevant today. It speaks to our minds' … Continue reading The Seven Hermetic Principles

The 7 Stages Alchemical Transformation

The 7 Stages of Alchemical Transformation The Mystical Voyage of Alchemical Transformation Are you feeling stuck in a rut and just not like your usual self? The ancient practice of alchemical transformation is here to help you break out of those patterns and find a new level of personal change. By going through the nine … Continue reading The 7 Stages Alchemical Transformation

The First Chakra: Tribal Power

The First Chakra: Tribal Power¬† The energy content of the first or Tribal chakra is tribal power. The word tribe is not only a synonym for family but an archetype, and as such it has connotations beyond its more conventional definition. Archetypally the word tribal connotes group identity, group force, group willpower, and group belief … Continue reading The First Chakra: Tribal Power