The First Chakra: Tribal Power 

  • The energy content of the first or Tribal chakra is tribal power.
  • The word tribe is not only a synonym for family but an archetype, and as
    such it has connotations beyond its more conventional definition.
  • Archetypally the word tribal connotes group identity, group force,
    group willpower, and group belief patterns.

All of these meanings
make up the energy content of our first chakra.

The first chakra grounds us.

It is our connection to traditional familial beliefs that
support the formation of identity and a sense of belonging to a group
of people in a geographic location.

To connect to the energy of your first chakra, focus your attention for a few moments on something tribal that triggers an emotional response in you.

  • listening to the national anthem
  • observing a military spectacle
  • watching an athlete receive a gold medal at the
  • witnessing the marriage of someone you care about
    or learning that a child has been named after you.

focus on the experience you choose, be aware that the area of your body generating the response is your Tribal chakra.
Lacation: Base of the spine (at the coccys).

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